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i went to tune time auto repair also known as tune time performance in toms river nj. are such rip offs that can look you in the eyes after you paid the bill of over 7 hundred dollars that your car is now running great and of cource its still is not running correctly forget matt he will never pick up the phone out of just plain old respect for a person. shame on you tune time performance auto shop repair.what can i say that people like you should not exist in bussines and next is small claims courts because you jokers are not ging to get away with it.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Gloucester City, New Jersey, United States #969958

Homeboy needs an English and or spelling class.

Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #858797

Dude, You think people believe your trash talk? You can't spell or punctuate at all! Go back to school instead of making yourself look like an ***!

to Dan New York, New York, United States #972321

Then you have never got any work done by them or a "tune" because you would feel the same way. All you wanna do is talk about grammer so it seems to me that you work there.

i have asked around and it seems to me it would be a waste of money to go there. A friend of mine took his 350Z there and blew his engine not once but twice then said he did it.

That place sucks and there "tuning" is horrible. They shouldnt even say they tune cars because they dont all they do is bypass the cars computer to turn off the CEL's

Newark, New Jersey, United States #637765

check you spelling ,then call tun time they will address your problem


Pick up a phone is right, they don't do it. I've been trying to work with him to custom tune my TBSS and at first hook, he was great.

After he realized he may have to compete to earn some business, Mr. Matt hasn't been heard from since.

Tough times equals tough tactics to earn customers, not the other way around. What a waste.

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